Alex and Joey's Wedding

Wedding Party

Candice Hazlett

Candice & Alex

Candice is Joey's little Big Sister, and Alex's adoptive sister. She's technically a certified IWPP, which is a fancy title for a wedding planner--she can't get enough of creating creative things. The happy couple can count on her to listen and then give a reality check if she thinks they're being too dreamy about their plans. Alex's obsessive Pinterest pinning has been a huge help to Candice in designing the BIG DAY.

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Ryan DeLapp

Ryan in England
Ryan is a close friend of the couple and will be officiating the wedding. Ryan isn't afraid to direct Alex's driving when she needs to go straight or let Joey know when he's being a jerk. He is currently perfecting his rock climbing skills and can now lead you up the mountain. He is arguably the star of the wedding, because let's face it, without him, Alex and Joey are just standing in front of a bunch of people. Since the invention of the wedding officiant there have been five officiants that were rated the most passionate, the most pure. This guy leaves them all behind. The End.